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UNION® Fireplace Briquettes

Cosy warmth for a cold winter’s night. UNION® Fireplace Briquettes are a byword for the highest levels of quality. They are long-lasting and made of 100% natural materials. And they’ve been that way since 1904.

Die Kohle­manufaktur

Our Premium BBQ Briquettes, made from coal on our doorstep, are recognized by barbecue aficionados as real ‘jewels’. And it’s not just because they use 80 per cent carbon material, meaning they are almost as pure as diamonds (they are made up of 100 per cent carbon). Their overall quality and ideal composition ensure pure and prolonged barbecuing pleasure.

Slow-burning BBQ Briquettes

Thanks to their constant high temperature and their extra long four-hour burning time, slow-burning BBQ Briquettes are real bundles of energy, burning for twice as long as charcoal. That makes them ideal for preparing slow-cooked barbecue food (indirect barbecuing) and hours of barbecuing fun.